Christmas celebrations Sant'Egidio

No one should be forgotten during Christmas either!


Every year, Sant'Egidio organises unforgettable Christmas parties for its poorest friends: the homeless, refugees, lonely elderly people, prisoners and underprivileged children. People for whom the feeling of loneliness is strongest at Christmas time, when people visit each other and exchange gifts. 

This year, too, we will not abandon them, and will give them a joyful and warm Christmas. 

We organise Christmas parties for our poor friends in all the cities in which Sant'Egidio is active. Volunteers receive guests in a warm and festive environment and everyone receives a gift.

In Amsterdam, for example, we receive our homeless friends in the Moses and Aäron Church on Christmas Eve. Guests join the long tables to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner together. Dozens of volunteers provide conviviality and a listening ear. We also organise parties for refugees, prisoners, lonely elderly people and underprivileged children.

We still need € 12.500 for the Christmas parties, for the meals, the presents and the decoration. Help us to give the poor of the city a joyful Christmas! For just € 30 you can give one of our friends an unforgettable Christmas that he or she will remember for the rest of the year.

You are not only helping us by donating, but also by spreading the word. So ask your colleagues, friends and family to contribute too. That way, it really will be a joyful Christmas for everyone!

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